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Pediatrics is the field of medicine involved in the study and treatment of infants, children, and young adults. At Practical Approach Pediatrics and Pediatric Dentistry San Antonio, we provide the highest quality of pediatric care from birth to early adulthood (age 21).

A pediatrician’s role involves not only practical medicine, but also education and advocacy for children and families. Our job is to make sure that our patients are healthy and happy now and that we teach the right habits that will keep them healthy and happy as adults.

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Pediatric Services

You can find the best pediatrician San Antonio has to offer right here at Practical Approach. From day one, Practical Approach Pediatrics helps children lead healthy and happy lives through a comprehensive approach to healthcare. We provide all general pediatric services including the following:

Well Checks

It’s important to maintain regular well visits to ensure that your child is meeting age-appropriate mental and physical developmental milestones and to discuss any questions you might have about your child.

Sports Physicals

To ensure that they are aware of any health conditions, many coaches and athletic directors require sports physicals before your child can participate.


Keep your healthy child and prevent illness from spreading in the community through vaccinations. Public schools and some child care centers require updated immunizations before enrollment.

Urgent Care/Sick Visits

Sickness can strike anytime. Practical Approach Pediatrics and Pediatric Dentistry is open six days a week to accommodate more urgent care and sick visits. Our doctors are available 24/7.

Chronic Care

Chronic illnesses are stressful for the child and the entire family. We’re here to help your family manage the physical and emotional hardships that come with chronic illnesses.

In House Labs

Our in house lab technicians make sure that you receive accurate test results in a timely manner

Special Needs

We do our best to provide the best care to all children, including those with special needs


Our San Antonio pediatricians can perform circumcisions safely and can teach you how to properly care for the wound as it heals.

Ear Piercing

Our child care specialists can perform ear piercings beautifully and safely for our newborn patients and young adults.

Drug Screenings

We offer drug abuse screenings for marijuana, heroin, cocaine, etc.

Asthma Care

We help diagnose and treat asthma to help your little one breathe easier

Lactation Consultation

Some mothers need a little help to establish a healthy breast feeding relationship with their baby. Our board certified lactation consultants can provide nursing mothers with the help and support they need at the clinic or at their home.

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It's flu season and time to get your children vaccinated against the flu virus. Dr. Adetona has a flu vaccine study that you might be interested in for your child.