Get Your Kid to Eat Anything

Are you fed up and annoyed because you’ve made a lovely meal for your kids, only to have them spit it out, or refuse it altogether? Even if you didn’t cook the meal, does it still annoy you when they won’t acknowledge the food?
Getting a child to eat something they don’t want isn’t as complex as it seems. It might be in the moment because your anger is brewing, and your annoyance is high. However, after realizing a few things, it becomes a simpler process.
It’s important to understand new things aren’t easy to cope with. As adults, we often struggle to try new things; we exist in a pattern of similarity. So, for children, this is amplified to the extreme. They don’t understand the concept of unfamiliarity like adults do. They don’t want to try new things because it could be harmful or make them upset. They want to stay at a baseline of enjoyment their whole lives.
Once you get past knowing this, the steps become clear. 
First, make something for the child. Whether it’s a microwave dinner, a four-hour home-cooked meal, or a jar of baby food.
Secondly, make a plate for yourself. You already know the child is going to reject it. Don’t even make a plate for them. They will wonder why and be curious as to what you’re eating. If the child is too young to understand this aspect, skip this step.
Thirdly, start eating the food yourself, and make it seem like it’s the most delicious, enjoyable gourmet meal to ever touch your taste buds. This will force the child into thinking he or she is missing out.
Fourth, when they ask if they could have some. Play it off. Say something like, “I don’t know, this is too good to share.” Don’t tell them they wouldn’t like it. That only reinforces their first thoughts on the food.
Lastly, offer them a piece. But, a small piece. Make them only get a taste, it’ll make them want it more. When they do taste it and ask for a plate themselves, give them a plate. You’ve just succeeded in getting your picky son or daughter to eat their food.
There is more than one way to get your child to eat something he or she didn’t previously want. This is just a method some have found useful and helpful.

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