Helping Children to Process Trauma

Any parent knows that once you have children, you will always worry about them. Consequently, it is perfectly normal to try to protect them to the best of your ability and provide them with a safe environment in which to live.

However, no parent has the capacity to protect their child from external events which are beyond their control.

Is Your Toddler Already Overweight?

Many moms mistakenly think that bigger is better when their infants and toddlers are concerned.  They mistake their children’s chubbiness as a sign of health instead of a condition that might be the precursor to being overweight or even obese in later years.

The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine recently reported that 70% of mothers fail to accurately assess the body size of their infants and toddlers. 

Is It Safe for Breastfeeding Moms to Work Out?

Exercise helps women lose the extra pounds they gained during pregnancy. It’s also an excellent stress reliever at a time when most women need it. That’s why you might be eager to work out again soon after giving birth. Still, some women worry that exercising while breastfeeding will reduce the quality of the breast milk or cause problems for the new baby.

Water Safety Tips for Parents

Play in and around the water is the perfect way to cool off when the temperatures reach their annual highest. Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen when necessary precautions aren’t taken, and young children are the most at risk for water-related accidents. 

The potential for an accident doesn’t have to stop your water activities in their tracks.

Get Your Kid to Eat Anything

Are you fed up and annoyed because you’ve made a lovely meal for your kids, only to have them spit it out, or refuse it altogether? Even if you didn’t cook the meal, does it still annoy you when they won’t acknowledge the food?
Getting a child to eat something they don’t want isn’t as complex as it seems.

Vital Child Safety Tips For 21st Century Parents

With increasing incidences of child abuse, child abduction, and accidents happening to children all over the world, it is more vital than ever for parents to educate children to be aware of these dangers more than ever before.  Child safety tips for parents and relevant training helps you know what to teach your children to keep them safe,

Vaccines and Herd Immunity: Why Lower Vaccination Rates are Potentially Dangerous

As the anti-vaccine movement has progressed in recent years, many people on both sides of the issue have found themselves wondering whether or not lower rates of childhood vaccination actually pose a threat to the broader population. Intuitively, many reach the conclusion that there is no potential for harm to any but those who have not received vaccinations because all other individuals are still protected.

Tips for Getting Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables

Much research has gone into just how taste buds work. What we do know is that taste is genetic, individual, and preferences can change as you age and try new foods that you learn to enjoy. How broccoli tastes to you can be very different from your child’s tastes. However, research has also shown that culture often overrides your childhood taste likes and dislikes.

Mistakes New Parents Make

is tough. It’s demanding, exhausting, and too often surprising. New parents,
especially, can get overwhelmed, and when that happens, they start making
mistakes. If you are new to this parenting thing, then save yourself some worry
and take a moment to read the list below. It will teach you about the mistakes
that most new parents tend to make and how to avoid them.

Practical Approach Pediatrics and Tekton Clinical Research

Why are research studies important?

  • Research studies actually help the population at large because it’s from research (and) doing the studies that we actually come up with drugs that treat the illnesses.

Why did you decide to work with Tekton Research for your research studies?

  • Tekton made a lot of sense because we already have a practice here that is taking care of the needs of little ones.

It's flu season and time to get your children vaccinated against the flu virus. Dr. Adetona has a flu vaccine study that you might be interested in for your child.